A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Clean, quality art assets ready for you to use in any of your games.

This asset packs includes the following:

  • Tile-able Grass Textures (with corners, sides, etc...)
  • Tile-able Background Rock Textures (with corners, sides, etc...)
  • Ice Textures
  • Animated Lava Textures
  • Clay Block Texture
  • Spike Texture
  • 4 different types of ground clutter (grass, flowers, etc...)
  • Coin Texture

If you like what you see please consider donating :) Happy development!

Install instructions

These assets are in tileset form to easily be used in programs like java and gamemaker, however these tiles can be taken out and be made into separate sprites if you so please.


Art Tileset.png (9 kB)

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